Well, hello there!

So, it’s almost exactly a year since Alice’s Wonders was set up and the very first order received to much excitement.  It seems fitting that the occasion should be marked that by finally starting a blog to go with the website.

Where to start?

Well, as the King in Alice’s Wonderland says ‘begin at the beginning’…so a bit of Who Am I?

First of all, I’m Cathy – not Alice, the name comes from my very own small Alice mixed with one of my favourite books.  Ex-City worker, turned SAHM to 3, and now WAHM. I’m very (very very!) nearly 40 and allegedly a grown-up – but still obsessed with fashion and style. West Country ex-pat in Essex and have fallen hard for my adopted county’s love of sparkle and pretty things.

Inspired by a love for gorgeous accessories and a belief in the power of a bit of prettiness to brighten your day I started Alice’s Wonders in response to a frustrating search for something a bit different to the High Street – but on a strictly High Street budget.  Over the past year I’ve developed the website and the range and have learnt an enormous amount. I only hope my lovely customers agree!

To put a face to the name – here’s me, in some of my favourite things – denim, stripes and sparkles.


Thank you for reading my very first ever blog – how exciting!!


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